What Does TPMS Mean?

mechanic checking tire pressure

What Does TPMS Mean?

More common on the latest vehicles, a Tire Pressure Monitoring System is an important car tool. Using pressure sensors on your vehicle, TPMS will check the tire pressure of each of them. If it senses one, or multiple, tires aren’t at the right level, your TPMS warning light will turn on, letting you know.

At Al Packer Ford West Palm Beach, we’ve been asked “What does TPMS mean?” on a regular basis. Yet for those who have an older car around Palm Beach Gardens, you might be unfamiliar with this. So let’s take a look at what else you can gain from this unique feature.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Features

Remember that the main purpose of a car’s tire pressure monitoring system can track the pressure within your tires. Once it goes too low, it’ll alert you. Multiple automakers have different warning light designs, some looking like tires and others saying “TPMS.” When this pressure light is on, your tires may be underinflated, leading to the following:

  • Poor traction on the roads around Lake Worth.
  • Decreased load carrying capability.
  • A blowout or flat fire.
  • Poor or decreased fuel economy.

In the short term, keeping your tires properly inflated can prevent accidents and other issues. Over the long run, this prevents your tires from wearing out prematurely, even improving your vehicle’s fuel economy. As you might guess, this can improve your overall driving experience in Delray and make sure things are running as they should.

Proper Tire Inflation in West Palm Beach

Whether they’re underinflated or overinflated, this can be a problem for any Palm Beach Gardens driver. If it’s well-maintained and properly inflated, tires can do the following:

  • Reduced potential tread movement, increasing how long your tire lasts.
  • Reduce any rolling resistance, which increases your overall vehicle efficiency.
  • Increases water dispersion, decreasing the chance of hydroplaning when it’s raining around Lake Worth.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Properly With Al Packer Ford West Palm Beach

Now that you know what does TPMS mean, perhaps it’s time to get your tire checked at Al Packer Ford West Palm Beach. We have a wide variety of Ford tire services at our West Palm Beach dealership. You can also check out our general maintenance page and see what else we can do for your vehicle. If you have a small business in West Palm Beach, you can check out our commercial section and see what vehicles can help it grow. Come down to Al Packer Ford West Palm Beach and experience everything Ford can do for you. See you shortly!


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